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At Chattanooga Tent Company, we take great pride in being one of the best tent companies around, having been at this for more than 75 years.

Four generations of commitment to excellence

Why We're One of the Best Tent Companies Around 

Chattanooga Tent Company was founded in 1934 by brothers Joe and Garvin Nolan. Their founding philosophy of placing customer satisfaction as their highest priority continues to guide the three generations of Nolan family members that currently serve our customers.

As one of the best tent companies in the Southeast, we have been dedicated to the value of innovation throughout our history to improve and expand our service capabilities. Here are a few of our noteworthy milestones. 

  • 1969: Helped found the Industrial Fabrics Association International 
  • 1971: Introduced the first "frame tent" to our regional market 
  • 1971: Began using automatic stake driver in the construction process 
  • 1980: Built our first vinyl tent 
  • 1985: Began using clear span tent design 
  • 1994: Began using CAD technology for event planning 
  • 1996: Introduced the "Century style" pole tent to our regional market 
  • 2003: Purchased large commercial washing equipment for tent cleaning 
  • 2005: Introduced modular flooring systems to our regional market 
  • 2007: Purchased large commercial drying equipment for tent fabrics 
  • 2008: Added 50 meter structures to our inventory 
  • 2014: Added china, glassware, and flatware to our inventory 
  • 2017: Stillwater tent (Nautical) added to inventory 
  • 2018: Moved into our Showroom location