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Nautical Tent

Nautical Tent Rentals

Romantic. Striking. Versatile. 

The nautical tent really makes a big statement at any wedding or event. Dramatic shape, still water sailcloth fabric tent with wood stained center and side poles, and rounded ends add to an ambiance you’ll love for your get together. Chattanooga Tent’s nautical tent rentals are ideal for weddings and events outdoors, as well as other parties where the details matter. 

The sailcloth tent fabric helps to add a whimsical, coastal feel to any event, plus these tents can be set up essentially anywhere, at the beach, at a beautiful vineyard, or even in your own backyard. This can serve as a cost-effective venue solution if you have an outdoor space available to you. With a nautical tent rental from Chattanooga Tent, along with tables, chairs, linens, and whatever else you choose, you’ll be able to curate a unique space for your gathering. 

Nautical tent rentals are also great options for either daytime or nighttime event celebrations. That’s another great benefit of this tent type– it provides a gorgeous scene at any time of day. During the morning and afternoon, the tent filters sunlight and provides shade, and at night, the tent can be illuminated with warm light to create a beautiful, romantic glow. 

These tents are also waterproof, so they provide shelter should the weather take a turn on the day of your event. They’re also available in a variety of sizes to suit your guest list, and provide plenty of room in which to party! 

Our nautical tent rentals are: 

  • Fashioned from stillwater sailcloth 
  • Erected with wood-stained center and side poles, rounded ends and translucent tops 
  • Available in 20ft, 44ft and 57ft widths 

If you’re interested in a nautical tent rental for your upcoming event, contact our expert team Chattanooga Tent today. We offer a wide selection of tent rentals, as well as other product rentals to ensure your event is everything you imagined and more.

Nautical Tent