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Long term tent rentals, warehouse space and vendor resources


Chattanooga Tent partners with rental companies from coast to coast providing tents and equipment to supplement your event rental needs. Let us partner with you, so you can say yes to that next big event.


Chattanooga Tent can provide full-service installation, or supervisor only installs, you provide the labor. Sub-rentals are available to qualified companies. Give us a call.

Long Term Tent Rentals

Because of our expansive inventory, Chattanooga Tent can provide you with long term tent rentals that provide much-needed space for weeks or months at a time.

This service is particularly helpful in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, health crisis, or pandemic scenario. Our long term tent rentals can provide shelter for purposes such as COVID-19 testing, medical treatment, and more.

Temporary Warehouse Space

Need a solution for your temporary storage needs? Chattanooga Tent can provide an engineered structure on your property to meet that need. Depending on size, your temporary warehouse can be installed and operational in a matter of days.

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