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Pole Tent

Pole Tent Rental

Pole tent rentals are great options for a variety of event types, and are one of our more popular tent rental options for numerous reasons. Available in a variety of sizes, pole tents are characterized by center poles, and are most commonly placed on grass with supporting stakes that are driven into the ground. 

Traditional. Versatile. Sturdy. 

Pole tents at a glance: 

  • An ideal footprint without the need for extended staking 
  • Economical choice 
  • Compatibility with commercial flooring 
  • Modularity and attractive design 
  • Stability, even in less than ideal weather conditions 
  • Create more usable interior space 

If you’re hosting an outdoor event with a grassy venue, then pole tents may be the ideal choice for your soiree. Pole tents are secured by driving stakes into the ground, which makes them more difficult to erect on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Depending on the size of the space, pole tents have at least one center pole that provides support and also creates an aesthetically pleasing peak at the top of the tent. This silhouette can add flair to your venue space, and make for some great photographs. 

Some customers are concerned that the center poles will obstruct event activities, or become an eyesore in the middle of the created event space. That said, the support poles are minimal and still allow for virtually unobstructed viewing within the tent space. Moreover, the poles also serve as an added opportunity for decor. Add floral arrangements, twinkle lights, and other decor to the support poles to enhance the ambiance of your event space. 

Why Choose a Pole Tent Rental? 

Pole tents are: 

  1. Quick and easy to erect 
  2. Versatile 
  3. Affordable 
  4. Workable on uneven surfaces 
  5. Aesthetically pleasing 
  6. Require smaller set up crews for installation than other tent types 

If you are interested in a pole tent rental for your upcoming event, contact our professional team Chattanooga Tent today. We offer a wide selection of tent rentals, as well as other product rentals to ensure your event is a huge success. We’d love to work with you!

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