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Clear Span Structures

Work With Chattanooga Tent for Clean Span Structure Rental

If you’re looking for a clear span structure for your next event, Chattanooga Tent can help. 

Clear Span Structures at a Glance: 

  • Spacious interior– no center support pole
  • Can be built around pre-existing features, are engineered for high winds, and can be transformed to include sidewalls, interior liners, and climate control 
  • Anchored with weights or stakes, depending on the location 
  • Customizable and adaptable to change to suit your specific needs 

Clear span structures use aluminum frames with track systems that hold vinyl, hard PVC, or even glass walls in place to create more space for events and gatherings. These tents have no center poles, so they create wide-open spaces perfect for a wide variety of special events. Engineered to provide the maximum amount of unobstructed interior event space, these tents can be equipped with climate control, industrial grade flooring, and hard walls. They can provide space for anything from special events to warehouse storage, and many applications in between. 

Versatile to Meet a Range of Needs

As your project needs change, clear span tents can be adapted as well. Bays can be added for easy access, and other specifications can be tweaked to ensure efficiency. Clear span tents provide strong, safe, and reliable options for interior space no matter what your need. Work with Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions today and create the perfect event or storage space for the task at hand. Contact our team today to get started!

Clear Span Structures