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Frame Tents

Frame Tent Rentals Through Chattanooga Tent

Frame tents are frame-supported, free standing tent options that make a great addition to any event space. Their lack of interior poles allows for free, unobstructed use of space ideal for special events like weddings, leaving plenty of room for dancing, toasts, and movement. 

Elegant. Durable. Versatile. 

Frame Tent Benefits at a Glance: 

  • Create an ideal footprint for your event 
  • Add more usable interior space 
  • Compatible with commercial flooring 
  • Attractive design adds aesthetic appeal 
  • Offer stability even in less than ideal weather conditions 

Frame tents are a great option for a wide variety of uses and event types. Make the most of your event space, a frame tent rental from Chattanooga Tent is a great choice. This tent type can be ballasted to nearly any surface, and provides necessary square footage for events without any obstructions. They’re ideal for terrains where staking isn’t an option, so you can get the visual effect and the functionality of a tent at any location of your choice. We have various sizing options, and can custom make your tent as well. Contact our team today to get started.

Frame Tents