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The Best Wedding Rental Supplies Near Me

Chattanooga Tent: A One-Stop-Shop 

We can help with more than just the tent! As you plan and prepare for your big day, there are a number of stops to make to ensure your event vision comes to life. Traditionally, these engagements may include dress shopping with the support of your closest friends and families, and maybe a little wedding cake taste testing... just to be sure it's your style. 

Why shouldn't you experience that same level of certainty when it comes to all the elements in between?

At our Chattanooga Events Showroom, you can lay your eyes and hands on a wide array of rental items for your big day. From linens, to chairs, to chargers, to cutlery– you can rest assured that the stemware seamlessly fits into your table setting and that the bar rental you fell in love with complements the lounge, loveseat or ottoman you just had to have there.

In-house Event Experts

Another great reason to stop by our Chattanooga event rentals showroom is to get the feedback and guidance of our industry professionals. Ramsey and Bailey have years of experience event planning, and know just what to suggest in terms of often overlooked items that you do not want to forget! They also have a great eye for design and can offer a much appreciated second option while you make your decisions.

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Event Rentals: Feel at Ease

The event set-up process can be one part of your wedding or event that makes or breaks the rest of your day. With a variety of rental options, an easy installation process, and a reputation of excellent customer service, working with us ensures you can sit back and watch the pieces fall into place.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with experience, professionalism, and timelessness. We promise our friendly faces will make all the difference.

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One Stop Shop for your Tent and Event Rentals

Where do you begin your search for all of the ingredients to pull together a "picture perfect" wedding day? Perhaps you do a Google search using a term like "Wedding Rental Supplies Near Me" or "Wedding Decor Rentals Near Me" and get a listing of different vendors from the area. A visit to the Chattanooga Tent and Event Solutions Showroom puts brides and grooms in a position to actually see everything we offer — from tables and chairs to silverware and bar stations — and speak with our event specialists.

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