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We build unique & custom event tents for any location

We create custom event tents much like this one that will make your wedding or event more than memorable.

Custom Event Tents & More

At Chattanooga Tent, we can help ensure your wedding or event venue offers everything you're looking for. From the perfect size, to style and location, we can build from scratch the exact venue space you envision and at whatever location you have in mind. Using our speciality flooring systems, your event can be located on the side of a cliff or atop a swimming pool. No, but really.

We utilize CAD renderings and 3D event drawings to help you visualize the final outcome to ensure that your vision is faithfully translated into reality for your special event.

Our skilled team of design and installation specialists will ensure that your next event crosses boundaries. Offering full-service tent and event solutions, we are able to create a fully customized space for your next party.

At Chattanooga Tent, we build custom event tents, and can completely build from scratch basically any event space you can dream up, from the floor to the ceiling.

Specialty Flooring Systems

Strata Floor™ Event Flooring

Ideal for staging an outdoor event or extending an indoor stage, Strata Floor™ can be used virtually anywhere and ensures a level surface over sloping and uneven terrain.


Dura-Trac™ is a HDPE (High-density polyethylene) modular, plastic subfloor flooring system is specifically designed for quick installation is ideal for events of all types.

Plywood Laydown Flooring

Like Dura-Trac™, this flooring follows the lay of the land so any slope or dip could show. Plywood laydown flooring differs from Dura-Trac™ with its use of a 4" x 6" or 2" x 6" base and use of plywood on top.


This flooring is designed specifically for elevated tent floors, and can be installed on a variety of terrain. It integrates with your tent structure and anchors beneath the floor. 

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We can customize literally everything for your upcoming wedding, party or event, from floor to ceiling!

As a tent manufacturer, we're able to completely customize each detail from the ground up. We can create the feel of an elegantly draped ballroom, erect glass walls, or even mimic the rustic charm of a wooden barn. Fill out your space with the best event rentals in town, and you've got yourself a custom event venue to meet your every specification.

Our full-service event and tent rental company can help you pull off the most epic event you can even dream up.

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