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Why Choose Us for Chattanooga Event Rentals?

Large Tent and Chattanooga Event Rentals Specialists

Your choice in tent rental companies can have a big impact on the planning and preparation phases of your event and greatly impact the experience for your guests. We work diligently to ensure our involvement in your project expands your options, and reduces the stress associated with planning and executing any event.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

We are in our 8th decade of service in the tent rental industry, boasting a senior management team with over 135 years of large tent and event experience. Our installation crews have a wealth of knowledge gained from executing hundreds of successful jobs. When it comes to planning and executing your event, we have an extensive background to draw from, and can help you make the critical decisions that can make or break an event.

Professional Planning Process

We will consult with you to understand the goals and requirements of your event, and help you plan your fabric structures with full consideration of the functional demands of the facilities, safety factors and building codes. We will help you realize your creative ambitions and incorporate the latest technical developments into your project. We utilize CAD renderings and 3D event drawings to help you visualize the final outcome before your vision is faithfully translated into reality.

Tent Manufacturing Capabilities

We are also a tent manufacturing company, specializing in large tents and innovative designs. We provide our clients with contemporary, custom designs and even produce fabric structures on short notice when required.

Large Tent Inventory

We maintain a large tent inventory with their supporting structures to accommodate a wide array of choices for your event. You won't have to work around our inventory limitations to select a tent that matches your needs. We also have tents to match a full range of budgetary considerations.

Meticulous Quality Control

Our processes are designed to leave nothing to chance. You can be confident that our structures are designed and constructed to the highest safety standards and are in compliance with all regulations. Our tents are always clean, and we test all of our functional and electro-mechanical features to ensure they are in working order for your event.

Peace of Mind

With any major event, there are a staggering number of details that must be considered, planned, assigned, verified and executed to guarantee success. Chattanooga Tent can assume responsibility for one of the major elements in your event, your Chattanooga event rentals, so you can focus on other important factors that require supervision. After consulting with our experienced professionals and understanding our processes, you will be confident relying on our expertise to handle your tent requirements. Do you need tables, chairs, china, or other rented items for your event? We can help with product rentals too.