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Outdoor Patio Heater Rentals

January 12th, 2022

The cold weather doesn’t appear to be going anywhere! Last month we added fire tables to our product lineup, but they aren’t the only way to stay warm with Chattanooga Tent. This month we’d like to highlight our options to keep you warm and social during this chilly time of year.

Patio Heater Rental

This is the golden standard for any outdoor gathering during the Winter. Our patio heaters are the tried and true way to keep your guests comfortable. These patio heaters perfectly warm an outdoor space so the party can continue.

Patio heaters are fuel-efficient and budget-friendly. Fire pits and bonfires are fun, but they don’t provide consistent heating, can’t be safely brought onto a porch or patio, and can be dangerous. Technology and expert design make patio heaters one of the best and safest options for outdoor heating.

Patio Heater.png

Zubri Patio Heater

These aesthetically pleasing patio heaters aren’t just fashionable, they’re functional. The legs detach for storage and transportation. Zubri Patio Heaters are available in different sizes to accommodate space and can enhance the mood of your soiree.

No tools are required for assembly. The heat control is adjustable and heats approximately 300 square feet. Zubri Patio Heaters are quiet and economical to run. They’re also safe, with a tip switch that turns off the flame if your heater is accidentally knocked over.

Zubri Patio Heater.png

Fire Table Rental

Our ETL-certified fire tables can produce 50,000 BTU of heat which will be sure to envelop you and your loved ones in warmth during this cooler weather. Our fire tables use clean-burning propane gas as fuel, and one tank is included in the rental rate of $120.00. When planning your event please be sure to mention you would like to reserve a fire table.

It’s important to note these are not fire pits, but tables. The biggest difference between a fire pit and a fire table is that the latter has usable space on the top. Instead of keeping your plate in your lap or hunching over the fire, you have tablespace surrounding your fire to rest your food or hands. The key design is to accommodate entertaining, whether that’s drinks, cards, or kicking your feet up - the fire table's space offers more versatility in its design.

Now Available - Fire Tables 1.jpeg

When it’s colder is tempting to isolate yourself indoors. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to be! Reconnect with friends, go back outside, and rent one of these outdoor patio heaters by visiting our product rental page or calling 1 (800) 843-8514.