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Outdoor Event Venues for Your Chattanooga Holiday Parties

November 12th, 2020

This year has dealt us all a lot of new challenges, especially in the event planning space; but our team at Chattanooga Tent has a whole host of creative solutions to help you bring your Chattanooga holiday parties to life. There are many ways to mitigate risks in the face of COVID-19, allowing you to pull off your office holiday parties, family gatherings, birthday celebrations, or other events.

Build your own outdoor event venue with Chattanooga Tent, and host your holiday party in style.

Take the Party Outdoors

Step one is the perfect outdoor event venue, and that’s where our team comes in. Host your event outdoors where it’s not only easier to maintain safe distances from others, but also where air quality is healthier, and virus transmission is less of an issue.

At Chattanooga Tent, we can help create an outdoor event venue for you with our extensive event tent offerings, and other rental items like space heaters perfect for fall and winter gatherings. Even in the colder months, we can help you pull off a comfortable safe event outdoors where social distancing is easy to practice, but your space can still be stylish, functional, and affordable too.

Things to consider:

Event tent to create outdoor event venue space on your property, company property, or wherever makes most sense for your get together. Think about temperature control. We offer space heaters for rent, and other items to help make sure your space is comfortable regardless of weather. You may think hosting an outdoor event during fall or winter isn’t a great idea, but we beg to differ. We can help you do it right! Think about decor. How can you transform the tent space into something festive for your party?

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Build-Your-Own Outdoor Event Venue

When you choose to work with Chattanooga Tent, you can rest assured that we can create the custom event space set up you need for your specific holiday party or event. This is a great option for your company Christmas party, or even for your family event. Lots of families are faced with concerns about safety this year when it comes to celebrating the holidays together. Why not consider putting together an outdoor event venue space so you can see your favorite people and enjoy the festivities of the season, but in a safe environment that can also be both comfortable and beautiful.

Just remember, we can customize a package for you to meet nearly any need. If you are planning a holiday soiree, get in touch with us today with any questions about event tents and other event rentals we can help with. We’d love to help flesh out your holiday event ideas, and bring them to life.