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Did COVID-19 Wreck Your Chattanooga Wedding Planning?

April 09th, 2020

Coronavirus is wreaking its havoc on the wedding and events industries, as people are forced to cancel or rework their wedding day plans.

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun, right? And the last think you expect to crash in and pull the rug out from under all your wedding plans is a global pandemic. But alas, here we are. It’s a stressful time, and it’s hard to watch your plans crumble, but at the end of the day, you’re still in love, right? You started this whole thing to celebrate that, and Chattanooga Tent is here to help you rebuild your wedding day plan.

In the light of everything surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, one thing we know is that a lot of wedding couples and event planners will be trying to reschedule events all at once when things settle back down. This could mean several things, one being that the venue you had your heart set on might be booked solid. In the event that the venue you had selected doesn’t have any dates available that work for your rescheduled wedding or event, consider this option. Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions builds you a custom event venue of your dreams. The site of the build is up to you– maybe it’s in mom and dad’s beautiful backyard, maybe at a different venue that has dates that work, but not the exact vibe you had in mind for your big day. We can help!

Our team has created custom event solutions for many clients over the years. Think perfect size, style, and location. We will build it for you from scratch. From specialty flooring systems that stretch over swimming pools, to cliff-side installations– we can design and execute fully customized spaces perfect for the wedding or event of your dreams.

Rescheduling Your 2020 Wedding

Chattanooga Tent staff is working hard to accommodate all their customers as we all navigate this unpredictable COVID-19 situation the best we can. Though circumstances are far from ideal, our team is here for you to help you rebuild your Wedding plans.

At present, Chattanooga Tent has had about 50% of their spring work postponed. Some clients have been able to set new dates for their Chattanooga weddings and events. In order to accommodate these changes, first Chattanooga Tent looks at equipment availability and then staffing. Their team is working diligently to meet their clients’ changing needs due to the current climate.

As many wedding couples and event planners will be trying to reschedule their events when things calm back down, there may be issues with events and vendors being unable to meet all the needs created by this lull. Chattanooga Tent is confident in their ability to help curate and create a custom event space virtually anywhere.

“We feel that if clients can not find a venue, that we can build the venue they want at their home or farm,” Mike Holland, President of Chattanooga Tent, said. “This also allows the client to control the environment for their event.” He went on to say that working with them gives their customers full control over every last detail of their event, making it a completely customizable experience.

No matter where you are in your wedding or event planning timeline or rescheduling efforts, the Chattanooga Tent staff is eager to help. Get in touch today with any questions surrounding rescheduling, event tent rentals, and more.