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5 Things to Consider When Renting a Tent

At Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions, we know a thing or two about tent rentals. As one of the leading tent rental companies in the Chattanooga area over the last 50+ years, we’ve seen, done, and implemented pretty much every kind of tent experience that you could dream of. Whether we are helping a bride and groom with a tent for their wedding, or we are making sure that a large family reunion has the tent space necessary to house aunts, uncles, parents, cousins, and siblings, we aim to provide the best services possible. In today’s post, we wanted to take some time to go over the five things that people need to consider when looking to rent a tent.

Tent Rentals are Serious Business

Though people may not think about it, renting a tent is serious business. For the most part, tents are rented when there is a need to make sure that an outdoor event has an appropriate “indoor” space to complement it. For many events, this means that the tent is going to be the focal point of much activity, meaning that the tent itself needs to meet certain criteria in order to be useful. When renting a tent, we tell our clients to consider five main things:

  1. Location - It cannot be stressed enough, but the type of tent that works best for a particular event largely depends on where the tent will be placed. If the event is taking place in a grassy field or an area where the ground is relatively soft, a pole tent is the best bet. Pole tents provide a stable framework on softer surfaces, ensuring that the tent will remain upright and have no problems with slight shifts in the firmness of the ground. If the area where the tent is going to be placed is firmer, say a parking lot or other paved surface, a frame tent can be put in place by using water barrels as the main anchor points.

  2. Weather - If a client of ours needs a tent for an outdoor event, we make sure to take into consideration the time of year that the tent is being rented. A tent made for the winter and a tent made for the summer are going to be two very different products. For most of out tents, we suggest that sidewalls be included in order to prevent any issues that may be associated with weather. Sidewalls can block out rain and sun and can either be solid or feature cathedral-like windows to provide additional light. Sidewalls do not have to be used on every side of the tent and, in fact, many of our clients opt to have only 2 or 3 sides of the tents covered, allowing for a more “open” feeling on the side of the tent that does not contain a sidewall.

  3. Number of Guests - One of the most important things to consider when renting a tent is how many guests are anticipated at the event. It does no good to have a 20 person tent at an event that is hosting 100 people and, likewise, having too large of a tent for a small event can make the event seem empty. The number of guests also affects the amount of additional items (such as tables, chairs, dancefloor, buffet tables, etc.) that can be fit within the tent. Before you rent a tent, be sure that you have taken the time to calculate the number of guests that will be attending the event to the best of your ability.

  4. Time of Year - Taking into account the time of year that you are going to host an event will have important implications on the style of tent you rent and the additional items you will need in said tent to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible. If you are hosting a winter event, make sure your tent is as enclosed as possible and that heaters are placed strategically around the interior space so people can stay warm. Conversely, if you are hosting a summer event, make sure the tent is as airy as possible and don’t forget to bring in some portable fans to help circulate the air. The only thing worse than being stuck outside on a hot summer day is being stuck inside an area that’s hotter than the outside.

  5. Lighting - The last thing to consider when renting a tent is the type of lighting needed to make sure the interior of the tent is visible and that people are not struggling to find their way around. In addition to the interior lighting, you will want to make sure there is enough lighting around the outside of the tent so people can navigate safely.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog about the five things you need to consider when renting a tent. If you would like to learn more about Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions, or you would like to see about renting a tent from our Chattanooga location, please give us a call at (800) 843-8514 or email us at office@chattanoogatent.com. No matter what your tent need may be, we have the solution.