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Rustic and charming, the shaker tables are a beautiful compliment to an outdoor event. The medium wood finish and clean lines turn the table into a statement piece. The shaker table is available in 36”x 36” and 6’x 42” dimensions.


We offer a variety of specialty tables including: estate tables, conference tables and square tables. Estate tables both 36” x 8” and 36 x 10” sizes and are designed for banquet style dinners. The added width makes for a comfortable dining experience.

Square tables are available in a 4’ X 4’ size, providing a unique size and style choice for your special event. The long, narrow design of the conference tables make them ideal for meeting spaces. These tables measure 6’ X 18”.


Our banquet tables are available in both 6’ and 8’ lengths to meet your needs. These versatile tables can be used for buffet serving and display.


Available in a variety of sizes, round tables are a staple of many weddings and special events. These tables are available in a 36” round, 48” round or a 60” round that sits 8-10 people comfortably.


An ideal spot to rest your drink while you enjoy the dance floor, the pedestal table is a perfect choice for cocktail parties. The cocktail tables stand 42” high and are available in 30” and 36” sizes.

Shaker Table
Shaker Table
Shaker Table
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