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Our Team

Like most businesses, we are only as good as the people we have around us, the people that actually prepare the inventory and erect the structures that result in the spectacular facilities we have planned so carefully. We judiciously review potential candidates using thorough background checks, drug screening and an interviewing process to assess their potential to fit within our organization and interact with our customers. Once we have identified the right people we furnish a supportive and respectful work environment to encourage their continued growth and provide benefits and reasonable wages to support their families. The consequence of this approach is the development of a team with industry leading experience and the ability to execute your project according to plan.

Installation - an experienced crew can make the difference

Installation is a critical step in the construction process and one where the expertise and professionalism of our crews is the most visible. We provide thorough on the job training for all crew members and many of our personnel have received training from the IFAI Tent Rental Division. Our top 4 field supervisors have between 10 and 15 years of experience and can be counted on to complete the job correctly and on time.

install before 1   install after 1

Installation of 70,000 square foot tent in Chicago, IL

Chicago Install 1  Chicago Install 2  Chicago Install 3  Chicago Install 4  Chicago Install 5  Chicago Install 6  Chicago Install 7  Chicago Install 8

Time lapse video of "An Evening in Orange"