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Testimonial from Hussman Reception

Dear Andy,

I would personally like to thank Chattanooga Tent for all their help and input leading up to the Hussman reception; and their professional way of “getting things done” on-site.

As you know, our introduction to Chattanooga Tent was through your brother, Danny. His guidance, and patience, throughout the last year was invaluable. We both truly regret that he will be retiring, but feel so grateful that we were able to get to know him and work with him.

Danny left two very capable and innovative young men on-site for the event. Andre’ and Carlos were the best! There was no request too “eye rolling” and when they weren’t helping us, they were helping others involved in the set-up. Working hard from early morning until late in the evening, they were completely unobtrusive, but always there when needed. A very rare talent.

I am sure, like most businesses, the owner tends to hear the complaints more than the praise. This is not the case with us. Julie and I can’t say enough positive about our experience with Chattanooga Tent, beginning with Danny and ending with Andre’ and Carlos. We wish you continued success and hope we will be able to work with your company in the future.

Susan H. Mayes

Large Tent Specialists

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