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What is the recommended square footage required for each of the following?

A seated dinner with 5' round tables 15 square ft per person
A seated dinner with 8' round tables 12 square ft per person
Theater seating 7 square ft per person
A dance area 5 square ft per person
A bar area 100 square ft
Speakers platform 12 square ft per person
Band stand 10 square ft per person plus instruments

What are the general rules of thumb for the following?

Banquet Style Seating: When using oblong tables, divide the room area (sq. ft.) by 12. When using round tables, divide the room area (sq. ft.)by 15. These figures are for maximum seating. If space is available for more comfortable seating, allow an extra 2 sq. ft. per person.

Classroom Style Seating: Divide student seating area (sq. ft.) by 10.

Theater Style Seating: Divide spectator seating area (sq. ft.) by 7.

This method of calculation allows for chair and passage aisles. It does not allow for problems caused by wide traffic aisles, location of columns, service doors or unique room shapes. It is useful for quick, general approximations. Please feel free to call one of our event professionals to help you determine the best style and size for your event.

Can I reserve a tent but only have it installed if rain is forecasted?

Yes, with a non refundable 50% deposit. Cancellation must be made two days prior to scheduled install or additional charges will apply.

How long is my rental period?

Our rental period for tents is the same for one day or one week. Just let us know how many days before the event you would like us to install.

Does it cost more for install or dismantle on weekends?

Yes. There are additional charges for install/dismantle outside of normal business hours.

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