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Tent companies prepare for disaster response
InTents | June 2012
By Suzanne Wilson

Mike Holland, president of Chattanooga Tent Co., Chattanooga, Tenn., and steering committee member for IFAI’s Tent Rental Division, says his company’s location enables it to respond quickly to disasters such as hurricanes on the Atlantic, Gulf and Florida coasts. “We have contracts with several customers who put us on notice when a disaster occurs. Frequently, we are expected to arrive at the site within 24 hours and have a base camp up and running within 72 hours after we’re contacted.”

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Staging successful traveling events
InTents | August 2011
By Meleah Maynard

Hiring help on the road can be complicated for many reasons. A temp working in New York City, for example, will likely be paid more per hour than a temp doing the same job in a smaller city. And then there are labor laws to consider. “You have to know whether you’re going into a union town before you get there because that’s going to affect your costs,” says Mike Holland, president of Tennessee-based Chattanooga Tent Co.

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Transportation Logistics
InTents | June 2011
By Janice Kleinschmidt

Someone has to be in charge of coordinating multiple points of delivery. Mike Holland is one of those people. The president of Chattanooga Tent Co. uses rental management software to create an installation schedule and assign crews. Then the warehouse manager looks at the load sheets, assigns the appropriate-sized truck and sends the information to the warehouse crew for loading.

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