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Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions employed the TF-2100™ aluminum tent floor event staging manufactured by Biljax in interesting ways for a couple of private events last fall. In both instances, the elevated panels allowed us to install portable flooring for special events over swimming pools.

portable flooring for special events chattanooga tn

Chattanooga Tent President Mike Holland said the two private events, held last fall, involved the scaffolding-type tent floor system, which can be installed on all different types of terrain and adjusted vertically to accommodate stage heights up to 148-inches above the ground, or just over 12 feet. Guardrails, handrails, stairways, and ramps come with the system.

One of the events called for installing the flooring across a 60’ x 100’ space, elevated approximately 20-inches above the pool deck at the venue. During the setup process, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solution staff wore the same type of wetsuits used by deep-sea divers for thermal insulation as they waded in the freezing pool water on a chilly autumn night and installed the legs to support the panels up top.

Chattanooga Tent uses the TF-2100™ tent floor panels for portable event flooring, as well as Strata Floor™ Event Flooring, Dura-Trac™ HDPE Modular Plastic Flooring, and Plywood Laydown Flooring. We offer special event flooring in white, black and white, black and white concentric, weathered oak, dark oak, and wood plank styles.

The TF-2100™ is an extremely versatile system for indoor or outdoor events that uses an interlocking hook design, snap-in legs, and parts that meet or exceed all International Building Code and Uniform Building Code requirements.

Based on the available event space, Chattanooga Tent assembles the deck sections in the best configurations to maximize use of decking, including angled sections for partial coverage. The staging is attractive yet rugged.

portable flooring for special events chattanooga tn

This is where our experience, quality control, and professional planning combine to pull off even the most complicated event.

For over 80 years, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions have been the special event experts for parties & weddings, corporate events, fairs & festivals, sporting events, and military & disaster relief efforts. You can see more of our work on this website.

To learn more about the ways Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions can make your event unforgettable, call us at (800) 843-8514 or email us

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Chattanooga Event Flooring

Your dream day is approaching, and your heart is set on getting married at a specific location that’s very special to you. There’s just one problem: Your dream spot for getting married is on a sloped hill. Chattanooga Tent offers a solution that can, in most cases, accommodate your wishes while also keeping your guests safe. We call it the Chattanooga Tent Custom Venue Builder.

Portable Event Flooring Products for Different Terrains

chattanooga dura trac event flooring

Ramsey Reynolds, one of our Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions Event Specialists, said there are four different types of products we use to create Chattanooga portable event flooring.

Strata Floor™ Event Flooring Rental

If you are worried about the terrain of your event space, Strata Floor™ may be the best option. “It is the perfect choice when you desire a level floor installed over sloping or undulating surfaces,” Ramsey said. “It is ideal for staging an outdoor event or extending an indoor stage. It can be used virtually anywhere from a theater to a flat parking lot, to a hill side or event over a pool! Chattanooga Tent will often use indoor/outdoor carpet to finish the look, but we can also use wooden planks or vinyl depending on the desired outcome.”

Dura-Trac™ HDPE Modular, Plastic Flooring System

Dura-Trac™ is a HDPE (High-density polyethylene) modular, plastic subfloor flooring system specifically designed for quick installation in stadiums, tents and special event venues. It is also perfect for all types of events from music festivals, concerts, commencement and graduation ceremonies, to monster truck and motocross races, exhibitions and tradeshows, corporate and private events, specialty sporting events (UFC, Boxing, Hockey, etc.). Each panel is 4' x 4'x 2 3/4" thick, weighing about 50 lbs. The flooring is made from 50% recyclable material. “The Dura-Trac™ subfloor flooring system will follow the lay of the land,” Ramsey said. “This patented slide-lock flooring system is self-aligning and allows for other panels to fit together seamlessly. There are no hinges to break or pieces to be inserted, just slide and lock. We commonly pair Dura-Trac™ with an indoor/outdoor floor covering to complete the look, but other floor coverings are also available. The crated design helps to minimize damage to grass when laid directly on the surface. No matter what the size of the event Dura-Trac™ flooring is designed to help protect your site from damage while keeping your guests safe and secure.”

Plywood Laydown Flooring

chattanooga event flooringThis laydown event flooring option works similarly to Dura-Trac™. “Only instead of being a plastic laydown floor, we use 4" x 6" or 2" x 6"s as the base and screw plywood on top of that. We then cover that with an indoor/outdoor turf or wood plank floor. Like Dura-Trac™, a plywood floor will follow the lay of the land, which means that any slope or dip could be noticeable,” Ramsey said.

TF-2100™ Engineered Tent Floor System

The TF-2100™ tent floor panel manufactured by Biljax is designed specifically for elevated tent floors. “This floor is designed to integrate with the structure, which allows ground anchoring to be completely beneath the floor. It can be installed on all different types of terrain,” Ramsey explained. Jacks can be adjusted vertically to accommodate stage heights ranging from 37-inches to 148-inches. Guardrails and handrails come with the system, as do stairways and ramps.

Event Flooring Styles

You can preview the types of flooring available to rent from Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions. These include Weathered Oak, Dark Oak, Wood Plank, Black and White, White, Black, and White Concentric.

Planning Your Portable Event Flooring

chattanooga event flooring rentalDuring the pre-event consultation, we help you to calculate how much portable event flooring will be needed. Generally, a seated dinner with 5-foot round tables requires 15-square-feet per person. A dance area will take up at least 5-square-feet per person. Don’t forget to allow room for a bar area, speakers platform, and bandstand, if any. We utilize CAD renderings and 3D event drawings to help you visualize the final outcome to ensure your vision is faithfully translated into the reality of your event.

Contact Our Event Specialists for Professional Planning

To learn more about the Custom Venue Builder and other products and services offered, call Ramsey Reynolds or fellow Event Specialist Bailey Bishop at 423.266.6744. We can discuss your upcoming Chattanooga Special Events Rentals needs.

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