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Chattanooga Event Tents Key to Spectrum Gala

chattanooga event tents When you are planning a major outdoor event in a community, there’s always a chance that Mother Nature will unleash extreme weather with the potential to discourage guests from attending. If you rely on the event to raise funds through a silent auction, that has the potential to be disastrous. In such circumstances, it’s good to know that your event tent provider can save the day.

Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions kept things nice and toasty at the November 8th Spectrum Gala, Chattanooga’s premier arts gala at the Hunter Museum of American Art, setting up a 50’ x 132’ main tent covering 6,600 square feet, as well as a few ancillary tents for bussing, kitchen, and walkway connectors.

It was comfortable inside the tent despite temperatures dipping into the 30’s outside. Forced air propane heaters were used to climate control the tent so the approximately 400 guests in attendance could enjoy the occasion without distraction.

“(Controlling the temperature in a tent) is not comparable to your house,” explained Mike Holland, President of Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions. “You end up with hot and sometimes cool spots. We keep staff on duty to adjust as needed. The key is to have plenty of heaters. You can always turn them down if it gets too warm.”

Chattanooga Tent Supports the Arts in Chattanooga

chattanooga event tents 2018 spectrum gala glass walls Spectrum Gala guests were happy to avoid the chill while enjoying hors d’ oeuvres, cocktails, and beautiful art selected from galleries for purchase from around the country. Valet parking included in the event admission price ensured that guests avoided prolonged exposure to the freezing winds on the bluff.

Gala Chairs Ronna-Renee and Jeff Jackson, Art Selection Chairs Allison and Thomas Lee, and their respective committees did an excellent job hosting the much-anticipated event to support Chattanooga’s stunning museum. The Hunter Museum is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit charitable institution. Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions was one of the event sponsors.

A crane was required to lift the tents and 76,000 pounds of concrete ballast to secure it in place. The structure covers the entire River Terrace with spectacular views of the Tennessee River and the North Shore. It will remain in place for a New Year’s Eve party on December 31, 2018.

Photos: © Mike Holland

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Thursday, 23 August 2018 16:34

Chattanooga Event Tent Rental (and Way More)

Way More Than Just a Chattanooga Tent Rental Company!

Chattanooga event rentals

One step inside the Chattanooga Tent Showroom at 910 Creekside Road in Chattanooga and it becomes crystal clear that we’re about far more than just renting tents for parties, weddings, corporate events, and other occasions. Although tent rentals are what we’ve mastered over the past 80 years, we’ve added a large inventory of other event solutions, allowing Chattanooga Tent Company to simplify your needs by helping you envision, plan and source a variety of event chair rental styles, lounge seating, tables, and flooring to fulfill many of your needs under the tent. Additional touches of elegance to accent the special nature of your event include purline of tabletop accessories: Stemware for celebratory toasts, contemporary and classic China dinnerware, gold and silver Flatware, beautiful Chargers, and Bar glassware and equipment to complete the picture.

Your One-Stop Shop for Chattanooga Events?

While we won’t claim to offer every single thing you need for your event – we don’t cook your food, for example – Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions comes pretty close to sourcing everything a person or group needs to put together a successful wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, or another gathering.

In addition to the inventory of products you can view in our showroom, the most valuable thing you might find is our expertise. Letting us organize the details that need to be considered, planned, assigned, verified and executed allows your focus to remain on the reasons for being at your event. Whether it is commemorating the uniting of two families, celebrating life and communities, bringing your team together for a common cause, providing entertainment, raising money for worthy causes, and/or sheltering those in need, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions has the experience and Chattanooga event rental resources to execute a spectacular outcome. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Visitors to Our Showroom

If you are reading this blog and wondering what to ask when you visit our showroom, we can preview some of the more frequently encountered questions that clients ask us. Such as…

“How are Tabletop Items rented? As grouped sets or individual pieces?”

Event Specialist Bailey Bishop explains, “Tabletop items such as china, glassware, and flatware are made available individually, rather than in sets. So, we ask that a client specify which forks or knives or spoons they like, as opposed to a whole flatware set. Clients also specify which plates or bowls they would like. As for glassware, we typically sell that by the rack. Our rack sizes range from 16 in a rack to 36 in a rack. I always recommend getting more than what you need. You will always have guests that don’t reuse their glass and get a second one.”

“What condition do rented items need to be in when returned?”

Chattanooga event planning specialists

Bishop answered, “All china, glassware, and flatware do not need to be washed by the client. They just need to be scraped of food or rinsed off, if possible. We take away the headache of washing dishes for clients. We also clean all the linens they rent, so they don’t have to worry about washing the linens.”

“What table sizes are available and how many people can fit at certain tables?”

Bishop said clients are welcome to visit the showroom to discuss this more specifically for your unique situation, but “as a general rule, the 6-foot banquet table accommodates 6-8 guests and the 8-foot banquet table works for 8-10 people. The 30-inch round is intended for 2-4 people, the 36-inch table is great for groupings of 4 people at each one, then the 48-inch round table accommodates 6-8 people, and finally, the 60-inch round table typically seats 8-10 people.”

“Do Linens come with Chattanooga Table Rentals?”

They do not. Bishop said they are rented separately.

“What are the Chattanooga Event Tent Rental Prices?”

Pricing really depends on what you need. We are happy to talk about it and provide you with pricing information when we connect to talk about event specifics.

“What if I don’t know exactly what to get?”

Our Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions events specialists are happy to talk about your event and offer recommendations custom-suited to your specific needs. You can quickly gain a sense of what you need to fulfill the scale and grandeur of your planned event. Bishop said they can also answer event-specific questions that most people do not know, such as what items need to be included in informal vs formal place settings and different setup types. Our experience putting these events together gives us an opportunity to offer our expertise to clients as an added value of getting their business.

“What if I have something in mind but I don’t see it listed on your website or in your showroom?”

Chattanooga event tent rentals

If there are any rental items you don’t see listed, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions can often sub-rent them from another company. “We never say no and are happy to help our clients find the items they are really wanting for their events,” Bishop said. We also have several other questions answered on our FAQs page of this website. 

Let’s Talk About Your Upcoming Event and How Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions Can Help

In the excitement of planning a big event, we’re sure you have lots of questions. We encourage you to use our knowledge and experience to get the answers you seek. We want to add you to the long list of happy clients we’ve worked with over the past eight decades.

To preview our Showroom before visiting, you can see photos. If you are planning an upcoming event and wish to discuss everything Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions can bring to the occasion, we invite you to stop by the showroom or call us at (423) 498-5402 and ask to speak with one of our Event Specialists.


Photos and Text by Steven Stiefel

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