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Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions employed the TF-2100™ aluminum tent floor event staging manufactured by Biljax in interesting ways for a couple of private events last fall. In both instances, the elevated panels allowed us to install portable flooring for special events over swimming pools.

portable flooring for special events chattanooga tn

Chattanooga Tent President Mike Holland said the two private events, held last fall, involved the scaffolding-type tent floor system, which can be installed on all different types of terrain and adjusted vertically to accommodate stage heights up to 148-inches above the ground, or just over 12 feet. Guardrails, handrails, stairways, and ramps come with the system.

One of the events called for installing the flooring across a 60’ x 100’ space, elevated approximately 20-inches above the pool deck at the venue. During the setup process, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solution staff wore the same type of wetsuits used by deep-sea divers for thermal insulation as they waded in the freezing pool water on a chilly autumn night and installed the legs to support the panels up top.

Chattanooga Tent uses the TF-2100™ tent floor panels for portable event flooring, as well as Strata Floor™ Event Flooring, Dura-Trac™ HDPE Modular Plastic Flooring, and Plywood Laydown Flooring. We offer special event flooring in white, black and white, black and white concentric, weathered oak, dark oak, and wood plank styles.

The TF-2100™ is an extremely versatile system for indoor or outdoor events that uses an interlocking hook design, snap-in legs, and parts that meet or exceed all International Building Code and Uniform Building Code requirements.

Based on the available event space, Chattanooga Tent assembles the deck sections in the best configurations to maximize use of decking, including angled sections for partial coverage. The staging is attractive yet rugged.

portable flooring for special events chattanooga tn

This is where our experience, quality control, and professional planning combine to pull off even the most complicated event.

For over 80 years, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions have been the special event experts for parties & weddings, corporate events, fairs & festivals, sporting events, and military & disaster relief efforts. You can see more of our work on this website.

To learn more about the ways Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions can make your event unforgettable, call us at (800) 843-8514 or email us

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Thursday, 28 February 2019 21:26

Top Wedding Trends for 2019

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We follow the wedding trends so we can advise brides who want to incorporate them into their ceremonies and receptions. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to seeing at weddings this spring and summer...

Wedding Trends for 2019

Edgy, Modern Wedding Decor

2019 wedding trends pinterestAccording to MarthaStewartWeddings, couples are getting “more adventurous with palettes” by “mixing colors that traditionally would not go together” for weddings. This translates to choosing “moodier accents than the soft textures and bright photography that’s dominated the wedding scene in recent years.”

If you prefer classic and traditional elements, Chattanooga Tent  can set you up there as well. 

Ceremonies in the Round

Another switch from the usual noted by MarthaStewartWeddings, couples are also breaking from tradition when it comes to how chairs are set up for wedding ceremonies, including placing seats in more of an arch formation so the guests on the sides are actually closer to the last bridesmaid and groomsman than the flat pattern facing directly ahead.

Statement Wedding Cakes

According to MarthaStewartWeddings, “go big and bold” is the philosophy of an increasing number of couples, who want to impress with larger cakes (“opulent” is a word used) and more elaborate dessert displays to leave guests purring with envy. Chattanooga Tent and Event Solutions will leave the baking up to the local caterers, but we can add a dash of silver or gold class with flatware rentals that will make cutting into that slice of cake feel even more special.

Royal Wedding-Inspired Touches

Brides around the world felt inspired watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s storybook royal wedding. Now many of them are opting to add larger-than-life flower décor to make their own dramatic entrance on their big day. Pay attention as you attend weddings this year: We bet you’ll see more than one large flower installation over the door.

Balloons and Candles Substituted for Floral Arrangements

Bad news for the florist, we’re afraid. Balloons are celebratory décor for so many of the occasions we enjoy in our lives. Why limit them to parties and New Year’s Eve. With dashes of color, “balloon walls” can add a dynamic touch. MarthaStewartWeddings also points to unexpected flower substitutes like decorative “pampas grass and wheat replacing fresh blooms, creating a moody vibe.”

Brides Magazine UK points to more weddings opting for scented candles to add more ambiance – a job traditionally left to the flowers. 

Don’t feel too bad for the florists, though. The fewer arrangements are huge, dramatic ones

Personalized Place Settings

As long as your wedding won’t involve a cast of hundreds, you might want to participate in the trend of placing personalized handwritten notes on china instead of generic place cards of the past. A special touch for sure – but probably time-consuming if you have a vast guest list. Chattanooga Tent and Event Solutions has beautiful China rentals to make your notes look even more special. 

Bringing the Inside Out (and Vice Versa)

Outdoor weddings are opting to add indoor pieces to the outdoors to make them feel more like homey spaces. This one is easy to achieve with a tent rental, chairs, and lounge furniture from Chattanooga Tent and Event Solutions.

You can further expand this feeling of the inside outdoors by adding flooring to go inside your tent at your event. It’s also quite practical. Have you ever experienced heels sinking into grass or stumbling hazards on uneven fields?

Bridesmagazine UK points to flowers and foliage in indoor weddings “becoming more organic and lush. Natural, whimsical, and romantic.” 

A Return to Minimalism

From color palettes that limit the range to 3 colors to simple yet striking bridal gowns (clean lines and no embellishment), minimalism is a definite wedding trend for 2019. Bridal hats made of straw, felt, and wool are also a thing for a boho bridal look. suggests that ivory and white wedding dresses are falling out of favor as more brides gravitate to colored gowns

Illustrated Invitations

Graphic artists are loving this trend of commissioned hand-illustrated designs on wedding stationery, often displaying the wedding venue or telling the story of how the couple met and fell in love. That’s definitely one way to set your invitation apart from every other couple in town.

Rust is the Color for 2019

“Not-quite-burgundy, not-quite orange, the nuanced hue fits right in with two major influences on weddings this year: retro styling and desert vibes. Make a statement with a rust rust suit or bridesmaids dresses or use it as a pop of color with bouquet ribbon, stationery, or accent florals,” advises Junebug Weddings.

When looking for fabric, the 2019 obsession is Velvet, as it adds texture and a feeling of luxury, the experts say.

Gender-Neutral Wedding Parties

Don’t be surprised if brides ask their male friends to be a part of their crew or for grooms to add female buddies to their side. It’s 2019. Why should a close friend of the bride and groom have to spend much of the occasion in the company of strangers of the same gender instead of right there with the dear friends they know and love? Granted, trendy gender-bender wedding parties may be unthinkable at conservative, traditional weddings, but don't be surprised if and when you see the occasional woman among the "groomsmen" and a male standing next to the bride that isn't her husband-to-be.  

Whether you want an uber-trendy affair or something more traditional, Chattanooga Tent has the wedding and event rentals you need to make it unforgettable.

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We are just weeks away from spring, and that means lots of weddings with brides and grooms planning all the details for an event worth remembering. Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions has put together this list of things to consider, including wedding rentals. You definitely do not want to wait until the last minute if you expect every aspect to go smoothly. In fact, many newly engaged couples are planning now for events NEXT spring.

Planning Your Chattanooga Wedding

In the Beginning: What to Do Once You Get Engaged

chattanooga wedding rentalsThe first step in planning the wedding of your dreams is organizing thoughts and starting a checklist. The folks at recommend starting a folder or binder to collect inspirational items while leafing through bridal magazines. They also say to determine a budget on how much to spend, based on your families’ contributions and your own. And because agreeing to be a bridesmaid or groomsman is a big commitment for your friends and family to make, you probably want to make your choices as soon as you’re engaged so they can begin preparing.

Other things you’ll want to do at the start of your engagement is beginning your guest list and hire a planner whose relationships with other vendors (photographers, florists, caterers, bands, etc.) will make things go more smoothly. It’s a good idea to visit Chattanooga Tent’s Showroom at 910 Creekside Road in Chattanooga to browse our assortment of wedding event rentals and talk to our staff. In one place, you can view a wide variety of options including wedding chairs, china, flatware, stemware, chargers, tables, flooring, bar items, accessories, and, of course, Chattanooga wedding tents. At this stage, you need to have at least some idea of the scope of your event so you can ask questions like “What size tent for a 150 person wedding?” and communicate any custom tent design requests.

Also, shortly after getting engaged, we recommend that you check into possible venues (many will book events months in advance, so don’t wait and expect availability), as well as whether you’ll have the ceremony and the reception at the same or different places. It can be impossible to predict whether it will rain or be unseasonably cold when choosing a date months or weeks in advance, so a wedding tent and patio heater rentals can be good insurance. It’s not ALL work. Engagement and Bachelorette parties are fun. It can all be fun if you have the right attitude, give yourself enough time, and remain flexible enough to go with the flow. Besides, the more effort you put into preparing, the better your wedding event should go.

Find the Dress

It’s all about the dress, right? Cable channels have entire shows about the search for a wedding dress that not only fits your physique and your budget, but also fits the personality of the event you’re planning. There are lots of bridal shops in the Chattanooga area to visit. It may take a little time browsing to find what you want. Once you have some prospects, return with trusted friends or family to get their opinion so you can walk down the aisle confident that you’ve made the right choice. You may want to simultaneously be looking for bridesmaids’ dresses, allowing enough time for them to be ordered and properly sized.

Checking Items Off Your List

Things will start to move fast, so remember:

  • Registry: While you’re shopping, it’s a good idea to set up a Registry. RealSimple suggests signing up at a minimum of three retailers. Be sure to include some gift items that will be welcome in your new home but not break the bank of your guests.
  • Wedding website and/or Facebook Page: so everyone can stay tuned in to details. Out-of-town guests will appreciate it.
  • Invitations: It takes time to address these, so don’t wait to order some once you have your budget set and invitation list in progress. Send Save-the-Date cards well in advance.
  • Official Documents: These vary by county and religion. It can take a few days to get the marriage license, and you may want several copies if you are changing your name. Make sure your passports are up-to-date if you’re planning a honeymoon trip and schedule doctors’ appointments for any shots you may need. Review CAD renderings and 3D event drawings with Chattanooga Tent so you can visualize the final outcome of your event at your chosen venue, factoring in the specific requirements of the facilities, safety factors, and any building codes.
  • Choose a Florist.
  • Select a Photographer and discuss specific shots you want.
  • Book a Caterer and Bartender.
  • Finalize Scheduling the Officiant to Marry You and any special requests.
  • Make arrangements with Hair and Makeup Artists, if any.
  • Start dress fittings.
  • Purchase the rings.
  • Choose the Music you want played with the Band or DJ
  • Pick a Wedding Cake and order it for the Reception.
  • Arrange any Transportation Needs such as Limos.
  • Reserve Hotel Space for Family and Wedding Party members.
  • Book a place for the Rehearsal Dinner.
  • Finalize the menu and flowers.
  • Map out your Wedding Ceremony and Reception.
  • Arrange for Welcome Baskets or gifts to show gratitude.
  • Determine who should speak or give toasts at the Reception.
  • Submit a newspaper wedding announcement

The Final Push

Confirming Everything so you know what to Expect

As the big day approaches, you will want to Finalize the event schedule and touch base with all the vendors so you aren’t left with any unpleasant surprises. You need to have a firm headcount so you can plan the number of wedding chair rentals and assign seating. This also allows you to inform the caterer how much food to prepare and stock the bar accordingly.

Now that you know who’s coming, you can communicate with your photographer about specific people to make sure you get pictures with and share who will be giving toasts.

Then there is the all-important final dress fitting on the week of your wedding.

To avoid any unpleasantness on the day of your event, make sure all deposits are paid and final payments arranged. Generally speaking, you want to be sure that times are set and understood by vendors. Because so much will be going on, it’s a very good idea to delegate to trusted friends or family various small tasks as handing out tips, being the point person for each vendor, being in charge of gifts, carrying your things, bustling your dress, etc., so a lot of the pressure is taken off of you on the day you want to relax and enjoy.

In consideration of others, you need to communicate any and all details that others will need to know to participate.

Purchase bridesmaids’ gifts to present at the rehearsal dinner.

At that point, the dress should be delivered and the entire wedding party should know the timeline of when and where to be.

Don’t forget to have your bags packed for the honeymoon if you plan on leave that night of the day after your wedding!

The Big Day Arrives

With proper planning and arranging/confirming details with your vendors, your wedding day should be a joyous occasion that launches your new life and new family.

Learn more about why you should choose Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions, your Large Tent and Event Specialists!  Call us at (800) 843-8514 or email to get things rolling.

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Chattanooga Event Tents Key to Spectrum Gala

chattanooga event tents When you are planning a major outdoor event in a community, there’s always a chance that Mother Nature will unleash extreme weather with the potential to discourage guests from attending. If you rely on the event to raise funds through a silent auction, that has the potential to be disastrous. In such circumstances, it’s good to know that your event tent provider can save the day.

Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions kept things nice and toasty at the November 8th Spectrum Gala, Chattanooga’s premier arts gala at the Hunter Museum of American Art, setting up a 50’ x 132’ main tent covering 6,600 square feet, as well as a few ancillary tents for bussing, kitchen, and walkway connectors.

It was comfortable inside the tent despite temperatures dipping into the 30’s outside. Forced air propane heaters were used to climate control the tent so the approximately 400 guests in attendance could enjoy the occasion without distraction.

“(Controlling the temperature in a tent) is not comparable to your house,” explained Mike Holland, President of Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions. “You end up with hot and sometimes cool spots. We keep staff on duty to adjust as needed. The key is to have plenty of heaters. You can always turn them down if it gets too warm.”

Chattanooga Tent Supports the Arts in Chattanooga

chattanooga event tents 2018 spectrum gala glass walls Spectrum Gala guests were happy to avoid the chill while enjoying hors d’ oeuvres, cocktails, and beautiful art selected from galleries for purchase from around the country. Valet parking included in the event admission price ensured that guests avoided prolonged exposure to the freezing winds on the bluff.

Gala Chairs Ronna-Renee and Jeff Jackson, Art Selection Chairs Allison and Thomas Lee, and their respective committees did an excellent job hosting the much-anticipated event to support Chattanooga’s stunning museum. The Hunter Museum is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit charitable institution. Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions was one of the event sponsors.

A crane was required to lift the tents and 76,000 pounds of concrete ballast to secure it in place. The structure covers the entire River Terrace with spectacular views of the Tennessee River and the North Shore. It will remain in place for a New Year’s Eve party on December 31, 2018.

Photos: © Mike Holland

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Chattanooga Event Flooring

Your dream day is approaching, and your heart is set on getting married at a specific location that’s very special to you. There’s just one problem: Your dream spot for getting married is on a sloped hill. Chattanooga Tent offers a solution that can, in most cases, accommodate your wishes while also keeping your guests safe. We call it the Chattanooga Tent Custom Venue Builder.

Portable Event Flooring Products for Different Terrains

chattanooga dura trac event flooring

Ramsey Reynolds, one of our Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions Event Specialists, said there are four different types of products we use to create Chattanooga portable event flooring.

Strata Floor™ Event Flooring Rental

If you are worried about the terrain of your event space, Strata Floor™ may be the best option. “It is the perfect choice when you desire a level floor installed over sloping or undulating surfaces,” Ramsey said. “It is ideal for staging an outdoor event or extending an indoor stage. It can be used virtually anywhere from a theater to a flat parking lot, to a hill side or event over a pool! Chattanooga Tent will often use indoor/outdoor carpet to finish the look, but we can also use wooden planks or vinyl depending on the desired outcome.”

Dura-Trac™ HDPE Modular, Plastic Flooring System

Dura-Trac™ is a HDPE (High-density polyethylene) modular, plastic subfloor flooring system specifically designed for quick installation in stadiums, tents and special event venues. It is also perfect for all types of events from music festivals, concerts, commencement and graduation ceremonies, to monster truck and motocross races, exhibitions and tradeshows, corporate and private events, specialty sporting events (UFC, Boxing, Hockey, etc.). Each panel is 4' x 4'x 2 3/4" thick, weighing about 50 lbs. The flooring is made from 50% recyclable material. “The Dura-Trac™ subfloor flooring system will follow the lay of the land,” Ramsey said. “This patented slide-lock flooring system is self-aligning and allows for other panels to fit together seamlessly. There are no hinges to break or pieces to be inserted, just slide and lock. We commonly pair Dura-Trac™ with an indoor/outdoor floor covering to complete the look, but other floor coverings are also available. The crated design helps to minimize damage to grass when laid directly on the surface. No matter what the size of the event Dura-Trac™ flooring is designed to help protect your site from damage while keeping your guests safe and secure.”

Plywood Laydown Flooring

chattanooga event flooringThis laydown event flooring option works similarly to Dura-Trac™. “Only instead of being a plastic laydown floor, we use 4" x 6" or 2" x 6"s as the base and screw plywood on top of that. We then cover that with an indoor/outdoor turf or wood plank floor. Like Dura-Trac™, a plywood floor will follow the lay of the land, which means that any slope or dip could be noticeable,” Ramsey said.

TF-2100™ Engineered Tent Floor System

The TF-2100™ tent floor panel manufactured by Biljax is designed specifically for elevated tent floors. “This floor is designed to integrate with the structure, which allows ground anchoring to be completely beneath the floor. It can be installed on all different types of terrain,” Ramsey explained. Jacks can be adjusted vertically to accommodate stage heights ranging from 37-inches to 148-inches. Guardrails and handrails come with the system, as do stairways and ramps.

Event Flooring Styles

You can preview the types of flooring available to rent from Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions. These include Weathered Oak, Dark Oak, Wood Plank, Black and White, White, Black, and White Concentric.

Planning Your Portable Event Flooring

chattanooga event flooring rentalDuring the pre-event consultation, we help you to calculate how much portable event flooring will be needed. Generally, a seated dinner with 5-foot round tables requires 15-square-feet per person. A dance area will take up at least 5-square-feet per person. Don’t forget to allow room for a bar area, speakers platform, and bandstand, if any. We utilize CAD renderings and 3D event drawings to help you visualize the final outcome to ensure your vision is faithfully translated into the reality of your event.

Contact Our Event Specialists for Professional Planning

To learn more about the Custom Venue Builder and other products and services offered, call Ramsey Reynolds or fellow Event Specialist Bailey Bishop at 423.266.6744. We can discuss your upcoming Chattanooga Special Events Rentals needs.

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Thursday, 23 August 2018 16:34

Chattanooga Event Tent Rental (and Way More)

Written by

Way More Than Just a Chattanooga Tent Rental Company!

Chattanooga event rentals

One step inside the Chattanooga Tent Showroom at 910 Creekside Road in Chattanooga and it becomes crystal clear that we’re about far more than just renting tents for parties, weddings, corporate events, and other occasions. Although tent rentals are what we’ve mastered over the past 80 years, we’ve added a large inventory of other event solutions, allowing Chattanooga Tent Company to simplify your needs by helping you envision, plan and source a variety of event chair rental styles, lounge seating, tables, and flooring to fulfill many of your needs under the tent. Additional touches of elegance to accent the special nature of your event include purline of tabletop accessories: Stemware for celebratory toasts, contemporary and classic China dinnerware, gold and silver Flatware, beautiful Chargers, and Bar glassware and equipment to complete the picture.

Your One-Stop Shop for Chattanooga Events?

While we won’t claim to offer every single thing you need for your event – we don’t cook your food, for example – Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions comes pretty close to sourcing everything a person or group needs to put together a successful wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, or another gathering.

In addition to the inventory of products you can view in our showroom, the most valuable thing you might find is our expertise. Letting us organize the details that need to be considered, planned, assigned, verified and executed allows your focus to remain on the reasons for being at your event. Whether it is commemorating the uniting of two families, celebrating life and communities, bringing your team together for a common cause, providing entertainment, raising money for worthy causes, and/or sheltering those in need, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions has the experience and Chattanooga event rental resources to execute a spectacular outcome. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Visitors to Our Showroom

If you are reading this blog and wondering what to ask when you visit our showroom, we can preview some of the more frequently encountered questions that clients ask us. Such as…

“How are Tabletop Items rented? As grouped sets or individual pieces?”

Event Specialist Bailey Bishop explains, “Tabletop items such as china, glassware, and flatware are made available individually, rather than in sets. So, we ask that a client specify which forks or knives or spoons they like, as opposed to a whole flatware set. Clients also specify which plates or bowls they would like. As for glassware, we typically sell that by the rack. Our rack sizes range from 16 in a rack to 36 in a rack. I always recommend getting more than what you need. You will always have guests that don’t reuse their glass and get a second one.”

“What condition do rented items need to be in when returned?”

Chattanooga event planning specialists

Bishop answered, “All china, glassware, and flatware do not need to be washed by the client. They just need to be scraped of food or rinsed off, if possible. We take away the headache of washing dishes for clients. We also clean all the linens they rent, so they don’t have to worry about washing the linens.”

“What table sizes are available and how many people can fit at certain tables?”

Bishop said clients are welcome to visit the showroom to discuss this more specifically for your unique situation, but “as a general rule, the 6-foot banquet table accommodates 6-8 guests and the 8-foot banquet table works for 8-10 people. The 30-inch round is intended for 2-4 people, the 36-inch table is great for groupings of 4 people at each one, then the 48-inch round table accommodates 6-8 people, and finally, the 60-inch round table typically seats 8-10 people.”

“Do Linens come with Chattanooga Table Rentals?”

They do not. Bishop said they are rented separately.

“What are the Chattanooga Event Tent Rental Prices?”

Pricing really depends on what you need. We are happy to talk about it and provide you with pricing information when we connect to talk about event specifics.

“What if I don’t know exactly what to get?”

Our Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions events specialists are happy to talk about your event and offer recommendations custom-suited to your specific needs. You can quickly gain a sense of what you need to fulfill the scale and grandeur of your planned event. Bishop said they can also answer event-specific questions that most people do not know, such as what items need to be included in informal vs formal place settings and different setup types. Our experience putting these events together gives us an opportunity to offer our expertise to clients as an added value of getting their business.

“What if I have something in mind but I don’t see it listed on your website or in your showroom?”

Chattanooga event tent rentals

If there are any rental items you don’t see listed, Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions can often sub-rent them from another company. “We never say no and are happy to help our clients find the items they are really wanting for their events,” Bishop said. We also have several other questions answered on our FAQs page of this website. 

Let’s Talk About Your Upcoming Event and How Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions Can Help

In the excitement of planning a big event, we’re sure you have lots of questions. We encourage you to use our knowledge and experience to get the answers you seek. We want to add you to the long list of happy clients we’ve worked with over the past eight decades.

To preview our Showroom before visiting, you can see photos. If you are planning an upcoming event and wish to discuss everything Chattanooga Tent & Event Solutions can bring to the occasion, we invite you to stop by the showroom or call us at (423) 498-5402 and ask to speak with one of our Event Specialists.


Photos and Text by Steven Stiefel

tents for top events across the southeastFor a quarter of a century, Chattanooga Tent has been a key part of the Providence Hospital Foundation Festival of Flowers event in Mobile, Alabama. This past March, the company once again participated in this major undertaking.

This year marked the 25th Anniversary of the event by the Providence Hospital Foundation, sponsored by Wells Fargo. Proceeds from the Festival of Flowers are used to support the Cardiac Care Unit at Providence Hospital.

Chattanooga Tent provided a total of 42,600-square-feet of white tents, with the main structure totaling 23,000-square-feet, according to Mark Holland, CERP at Chattanooga Tent. You can grasp the scale of this endeavor by watching this YouTube video:

Eight landscape companies fill the structures with original landscape designs, and six local gardening societies help with design and installation as volunteers. He said the total installation takes eight days and removal requires six days of work. The festival itself lasts four days.

The result is a wonderland of green spaces where visitors can relax, reflect, and delight on exhibits under names such as “The Square,” “The Meadow,” “The Carousel” and “The Zoo.” This year’s theme, “A Celebration Promenade,” set the tone for a remarkable floral showcase.

“We originally got involved in the Providence Hospital Foundation Festival of Flowers 25 years ago because it made sense as an activity for Chattanooga Tent during the off-season,” Holland said. “As winter begins to change over to springtime, we travel a good bit of the South to provide tents for outdoor events. We used to do a lot of fairs at every county in the state of Alabama, so we were well known in the Mobile area, where the Festival of Flowers happens.”

He said that continued participation in the Festival of Flowers gives Chattanooga Tent a valuable yearly opportunity to put a good number of its personnel to use and get them “warmed up” with cohesion before the bulk of springtime projects start happening. This ensures the team is fully up to speed for other installations.

tent supplier for top events across the southeastChattanooga Tent also participates in other events similar to the Festival of Flowers, such as the Believe Bash to benefit Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, which we profiled in our last blog. In fact, our company has contributed to hundreds of fairs and festivals around the country since starting in 1934. The benefit of this is the accumulation of experience and resources to plan and execute truly world-class events.

Holland said Chattanooga Tent plans to once again participate in the 2019 Festival of Flowers event, March 21-24 in Mobile. The Southeast Tourism Society designated the Providence Hospital Foundation Festival of Flowers event as one of the STS Top 20 Events in the Southeast.

To learn how Chattanooga Tent can apply its experience and expertise to make your event great, call us at (800) 843-8514 or use our contact form.

Written by Steven Stiefel

18.05.25 Believe Bash 1 ed2For more than 80 years, people have trusted Chattanooga Tent because of our extensive knowledge and expertise. Clients experience peace of mind because our reputation is well-established in our masterful delivery of corporate events, parties, weddings, fairs, festivals, sporting events, in addition to military and disaster relief efforts.

Last month, we added to that solid record by providing tents and flooring for major events to benefit great causes.

Believe Bash

Chattanooga Tent participated for a second year in the April 14th Believe Bash to benefit the Erlanger Children’s Foundation. Proceeds go to the Believe Campaign to build the new Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. The 1920s-themed event sold out with more than 1,200 guests enjoying the evening of dining, dancing, and roaring 20s fun.

The Believe Bash presented special challenges as it was held in the Wilson Air Hangar at the Chattanooga Airport. Chattanooga Tent provided a 40-meter by 25-meter by 4-meter (131 X 82 X 13 in feet) tent and flooring designed to extend the space of the hangar.

“With the event site being at the airport, the timelines were critical and short, allowing us minimal time to install and dismantle. Also, no stakes could be used, so we had to bring in 180,000 lbs of concrete ballast,” explained Chattanooga Tent President Mike Holland.

Chattanooga Tent rose to the occasion, helping the Erlanger Children’s Foundation in its mission to impact the health of generations of children to come.

18th Annual Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Promise Gala


Also last month, Chattanooga Tent provided tent and flooring for the 18th Annual Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Promise Gala held April 21st at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. The black-tie event, hosted by the JDRF Middle Tennessee Chapter, included a cocktail reception, seated dinner, and an auction for Find A Cure to accelerate research on Type 1 diabetes. In 2017, the event attracted 800 guests who contributed to raising more than $1.6 million.

Aside from protecting the field where the Tennessee Titans play, everything had to be driven down in to an underground loading dock and then forklifted to the field.

“It was quite a number of trips with the tent and flooring, plus 240,000 lbs of concrete. The tent was a 30-meter by 60-meter by 4-meter (98 x 196 x 13 feet) clear structure. We used approximately 24,000 square feet of specialized flooring to drive all the equipment to the field,” said Mike Holland.

Careful logistics impact all events of this nature. Chattanooga Tent brought professional planning to both projects and executed for these fundraising events with special event tent rentals, helping them to achieve success in their efforts to ease suffering for those fighting diabetes and other illnesses.  

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Chair Rentals Chattanooga When hosting an event, you want your guests to not only relax and enjoy themselves – you want to impress them with special touches and decorative accents in details like the guest seating arrangements. Chattanooga Tent provides several options for the table and chair rentals Chattanooga.

Form and function combine when deciding on what styles to select for your wedding chair rental. Obviously, unless you’re throwing a “standing room only” event, you can’t expect everyone to stand for the duration of the occasion, so event solutions call for renting at least some of the chairs. The consistency of seat color and style across the event venue provides a more visually striking presentation than a hodgepodge patchwork of different seating styles thrown together for function alone. Chattanooga Tent offers stylish and comfortable guest seating options.

Chair rental options to accompany your Chattanooga party tent rental range from the simple to the grandiose, including mahogany folding chairs, gunmetal chairs, solid black or white folding chairs, or bar stools. Then there’s the rustic yet elegant Pilgrim Cross Back Chair. If you really want to add a regal touch, you can add the Louis XIV Banquet Chair or the classic gold chivari chair. See photos of these products .

Those options all work great for individual seats, but you can add the true feel of a special event venue with Lounge Seating rentals to add additional seating space in corner spaces and blend in with a variety of spaces. Lounge seating puts couples and friends together for the social activity. Options from Chattanooga Tent include the Briley Corner Seat, Briley Armless Loveseat, Briley Cocktail Ottoman, or Curran Upholstered Bench. Add a round glass coffee table so your guests have a place to rest their drinks while conversing or dancing the night away. You can find these products illustrated on our website.

Whether you’re making choices for the day you’ve dreamed about your whole life or just need to make sure your party entertains and impresses family, friends, or clients, distinctive chair rentals provide simple yet powerful accents to the rest of the décor you choose with your party tent rentals in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Tent employs the same meticulous standards for guest seating as we do with other products we offer. We look forward to earning your trust as your first choice among Chattanooga tent rental companies. If you would like to learn more about our tent rental services or you simply want to discuss your outdoor wedding needs, please get in touch with us today

Written by Steven Stiefel

Friday, 06 April 2018 13:30

Outdoor Weddings: The Essentials

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12105761 10153724419129604 534734780147254897 nSpring is in full swing and summer is fast approaching, meaning that outdoor wedding season is finally here! At Chattanooga Tent, the premier tent rental company for events in Scenic City, we want to make sure that you have as much information as possible on the essential items that transform an outdoor wedding into the event that your friends and family won’t be able to stop talking about.

Outdoor Weddings Require Certain Items

To pull off an outdoor wedding that isn’t a glorified field party, you need to have a few key items. Now, while there are plenty of items that won’t be on this list that you might include in your wedding, for the sake of brevity we have kept our list to the absolute essentials.


Essential # 1: The Tent

In other parts of the nation, the Southeast is infamous for its heat. When planning an outdoor wedding for the spring or summer, it is imperative that you take into account the fact that your guests (and you) are going to want somewhere that they can cool off, enjoy a drink, mingle, and dance. With a tent from us, you not only have a functional area that all of this can be accomplished, you have a beautiful, customizable venue that can reflect the vision that you have for your wedding day.


Essential # 2: The Lights

Unless you kick off your ceremony at 9am, chances are good that your reception ais going to last well into the evening hours. As such, you are going to need to decide on what kind of lights you want illuminating the area for your guests. Do you want a rustic feel? Are you interested in utility more than aesthetic appeal? These questions are ones that you must answer in order to make sure that your wedding is a night to remember


Essential # 3: Tables and Chairs

When planning your outdoor wedding, it is important that you take into account where people are going to sit during the reception. Across the board, people enjoy having a place to take a quick rest, enjoy a bite to eat, or engage in a riveting conversation with other wedding guests. Many factors go into the type (or types) of tables and chairs that you will need for your outdoor extravaganza, so make sure that you take a look at the tables that we offer and spend some time thinking about which chairs will go best with them and really make your space pop.


Essential # 4: The Dance Floor

A hallmark of every wedding celebration is dancing, lots of dancing. While some might consider dancing in the grass a lovely and bohemian take on the traditional dance floor, most will want a solid surface to cut a rug on. Whether you want a modern weathered oak floor or you want to keep it classic with a black and white checkered pattern floor, we have you covered.


Essential # 5: Ambience

The last essential item for your outdoor wedding is perhaps the most important. Anyone can put up a tent in a field, throw some tables and chairs under it, and light it all up like a christmas tree. However, this approach a wedding does not make. For your outdoor wedding, you need to convey emotion and create an atmosphere that truly expresses the love that you and your partner have for each other. Your wedding needs to reflect who you are as a couple. For inspiration, check out our events gallery and see the many different ways that our tents can be decked out.

If you would like to learn more about our tent rental services or you simply want to discuss your outdoor wedding needs, please get in touch with us today. We will work with you to make sure that all of the little details are taken care of when it comes to your space and help to ensure that your outdoor wedding is a night that your guests will never forget!

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